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Best time to travel to Puerto Rico

Best time to travel to Puerto Rico

So you decided that this year is the year when it’s finally the right time to visit Puerto Rico? We want to help you to choose the right time to visit this wonderful island. Spring will not trick you as this is the best time – from mid April to June, when the busy winter season ends up and the summer is just about to start.

Weather on the spring here is very nice, why we recommend to visit it on the spring? Actually because Puerto becomes very busy and expensive on the winter – most of people wants to visit it on this time of year. Specially with all of the amazing excursions in Puerto Rico. But if you don’t really care about these two things, then we highly recommend you to come on this period. Try to plan your journey a little before and maybe you will find some great discounts.

If you are the person that likes to save a lot – take a look on the Autumn season, you can find prices from just 33 $ per night for two persons on the “” site. Isn’t that great? But keep in mind that it is not very safe to choose your journey on this period, as yearly storm season is about to come that time.

You can find prices from 60 $ on February for one night, but the island will be crowded on this time with a lot of people as there are going to be two early – Maricao Cofee and Casals festival. June is just perfect too, prices starts just from 33 $ for one night and you can attend to SoFo’s culinary week.

By summing it all up – the best time to go depends from your wishes, what you expect from the travel, how much cash are you willing to spent there and what kind of journey would you enjoy the most , passive or active? All year temperature is just great there, so all you need to do is just choose your time, what would you like to experience there and to book the tickets.

We wish you safe and enjoyable travel!


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