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Choosing the right stroller

Buying the right stroller might seem like the most difficult decision you ever needed to make. It may sound weird to those who do not have a baby yet, but soon you will find out it can be more difficult than buying a car. There is a piece of advice at the beginning that you should find out: buy the stroller yourself. If someone else offers to buy you one, make sure that you say to them exactly what the stroller must contain and how it should be designed.

There are several things to consider when buying the stroller. The stroller must have a 5 point clasp. There should be no sharp edges on the stroller and the wheels must have an excellent braking system. The most important thing is safety. Of coarse, it also depends on your budget, for example if you have a budget of only $100 you can get the Chicco Liteway Stroller which has many positive reviews online.

The stroller should not be too heavy.

It is good advice for every parent, especially for the ones who live in an elevated area. You see where this is going. If you live in the building without an elevator the weight of the stroller can make a huge difference. What is important is that you don’t go through hell every time you want to go out with your child.

The stroller should be easily foldable.

For the same reasons as the previous advice, this characteristic might make your life easier. With your hands full of things, you are thankful for an easily foldable stroller. Whether you need to put it in a car o carry it up the stairs it is a must-have feature.

Easily manageable stroller.

There are many stroller models on the market. It will be difficult to know what to buy without trying. But there are some tips you should know before you go to that store. First, the ones with one handle are easier to drive. Second, the bigger the wheels are the easier and more stable drive you get. You can learn about the average weight of a stroller here.

The size of the stroller.

If you do not want to have much trouble with handling the stroller, it is advisable to buy middle-sized one. Bi stroller can be difficult to drive, fold and store. Too small wheels might be uncomfortable and won’t have enough space for storing things for the child.

Before going to the store, and choosing the right stroller you should know how much money you are willing to spend. It will make the choice somewhat easier. And final tip-try not to go shopping for the stroller last minute.


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